Our Collies

Rainshade Alice Blue Gown


Rainshade Alice Blue Gown was one of our most beloved Collies. We fondly referred to her as “Nurse Alice”, because she protectively watched over children, family members, and friends whenever they felt sad or ill.


Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade


Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade was fondly known as “Amelia” to all who loved her–and everyone did! Amelia was a beautiful gift to us from our best and dearest friend in Collies for 30 years, John Kavanagh.


Rainshade Sophie’s Gifted Aviatrix NA NAJ

"Amelia (2)"

Amelia is proudly owned by veterinarian Dr. Chris Camann, residing in New York. Ameila was a very lovely puppy that grew into a beautiful adult! Dr. Camann has been training Amelia in agility and together they have a lot of fun! Amelia is Dr. Camann’s fourth Rainshade Collie.


Rainshade Tri to Remember


Amélie was a beloved pet and companion at Rainshade Collies. Always friendly and happy, Amélie was a faithful friend, companion, and playmate for humans and Collies alike!


Rainshade Ice Angel


Angel is actually a bit of a devil in disguise! Always into mischief, often doing things she knows she shouldn’t, but always coming back from her “crime” to sit and look up at you innocently and place her paw on the top of your foot. In other words, Angel is clever and conniving, but also quite comical!


Rainshade Blue Regalia


Anna is one of our shining stars at Rainshade Collies. She is gentle natured, bright and beautiful–and always ready to play!


Rainshade Orphan Annie


Annie was the perfect playmate and a very clever Collie! We placed her with a lovely family that lived in Germany, where Annie produced a beautiful litter of puppies for them.


Rainshade April Jewel


When Dr. Chuck Montgomery, child psychiatrist, requested a very special Collie to work as a therapy dog to help his young patients, we were happy to offer him our wonderful Rainshade April Jewel. April was born on April 1st but she was no fool! She was an exquisite and precious jewel and the perfect candidate for the job!


Rainshade Night Sky


Sky is our newest and very long awaited blue-merle puppy!


Rainshade Lord of the Mists CGC


At the tender age of ten months, among much noise, chaos, and excitement, Myst earned his Canine Good Citizen title.


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