Rainshade Collies and DNA Tests

Rainshade Collies and DNA Tests

We are fortunate in veterinary medicine today to have many DNA tests available to identify the genetic status of a dog for specific traits, medical conditions, and parentage.

At Rainshade Collies, DNA tests are routinely used to accurately determine our Collies’ genetic status regarding some problems known to occur in the Collie breed. These disorders include Collie Eye Anomaly, progressive retinal atrophy/rod cone dysplasia type 2, canine cyclic neutropenia, and the MDR1 (multi-drug sensitivity) gene. As new DNA tests become available, we will certainly add them to our testing protocol for all of our Collies.

Some of the Collies displayed in the Our Collies section from earlier years may not have DNA results listed. This is because DNA tests were not yet developed or available to test them at that time.

DNA tests can be performed using cheek cells, blood, or semen (including frozen semen). By using DNA tests at Rainshade Collies, we continually improve upon our breeding program.

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