Rainshade Night Sky

Rainshade Night Sky



Rainshade Quintessential


Rainshade Embellish in Blue


Sky is our newest and very long awaited blue-merle puppy! We are so excited to have such a wonderful puppy from two of our very best Collies! Sky is a joy to have in the family. He is friendly, playful, confident, funny, and very smart! We will post more photos as Sky grows up, but for now he is a young puppy who loves to play with our other Collies on our Idaho ranch. He especially loves his best friend, Rainshade Dreams and Schemes. Photos of Sky are courtesy of Jacquelynn Holly Photography.




Certified normal-eyed
Non-carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod-cone dysplasia
Certified non-carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Lord of the Mists CGC
Rainshade Dreams and Schemes
Rainshade Forever in Blue Genes
Rainshade Sophie’s Gifted Aviatrix NA NAJ

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