Rainshade April Jewel

Rainshade April Jewel



Rainshade Gamut Warning


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When Dr. Chuck Montgomery, child psychiatrist, requested a very special Collie to work as a therapy dog to help his young patients, we were happy to offer him our wonderful Rainshade April Jewel. April was born on April 1st but she was no fool! She was an exquisite and precious jewel and the perfect candidate for the job!

April fit right in with the Montgomery family and the medical practice. April still works in the office side by side with the doctor, helping the children and giving them confidence and love. Since April joined Dr. Montgomery’s family and practice many years ago, Rainshade Mystic Snow Angel has joined April in her therapy work. Together they work wonders for the children!


WM_April sitting

WM_April left side

Certified normal-eyed
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod-cone dysplasia type 2
Non carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia

Notable Relatives

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Rainshade Summer Time Blue
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