Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade

Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade



Champion Kingsmark El Capitan


Kingsmark Merri Roane

Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade was fondly known as “Amelia” to all who loved her–and everyone did! Amelia was a beautiful gift to us from our best and dearest friend in Collies for 30 years, John Kavanagh. When Amelia arrived at the airport, we found that someone at the airlines had playfully given her their air wings badge and glued it to the top of her flight kennel! And so we called her Amelia, from the moment she arrived!

From puppyhood, throughout her senior years, Amelia was one of the most beautiful and adored Collies at Rainshade Collies. Her photos grace many books and magazines. She was affectionate, sweet, well-mannered, and brilliant. Everyone who visited Rainshade Collies asked for “a puppy just like Amelia.”

Amelia is one of the pillars of our breeding program and heavily represented in our Collies’ pedigrees. Amelia produced many gorgeous puppies for us and lived a long, happy, healthy life. Amelia has champion descendants in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Scandinavia. All of our Collies trace back through the generations to Amelia.

Amelia was perfect in every way. There will never be another Collie like her.

We thank our late friend, John Kavanagh, for allowing us all to have and love Amelia.

Amelia as a puppy!

Amelia as a puppy!

Amelia at work

Amelia in the irises

right side

Amelia in her golden years

Certified normal-eyed Canine Eye Registration Foundation certificate #CO- 541-89-12 and #CO-541-92-52
Certified free of hip dysplasia Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certificate #CO-965G38F-T
Non-carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod-cone dysplasia type 2
Non-carrier of MDR1 gene

Notable Descendants

Rainshade Razzmatazz
Rainshade Blizzard of Awes
Rainshade Gamut Warning
Rainshade Blue Resplendence
Canadian Champion Mareb’s Crystal Blue Persuasion, CD


Amelia’s pedigree

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