Rainshade Blue Regalia

Rainshade Blue Regalia



Rainshade Gamut Warning


Rainshade Sweet Audrey

*Anna was conceived from frozen semen

Anna is one of our shining stars at Rainshade Collies. She is gentle natured, bright and beautiful–and always ready to play!

Like most Rainshade Collies, Anna has a keen herding instinct and boundless energy and is eager to please. We have just bred Anna and are looking forward to a possible litter in late August 2018. We will also be posting adult photos of Anna soon, so please check back! She has turned out to be a beautiful Collie!



Certified normal-eyed
Non-carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly Optigen 10-8420
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod-cone dysplasia type 2
Non carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Sophisticated Sophie
Rainshade Embellish in Blue
Rainshade Blizzard of Awes
Rainshade Fait Accompli

Anna's pedigree

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