Rainshade Embellish in Blue

Rainshade Embellish in Blue



Rainshade Gamut Warning


Rainshade Ice Angel

*Bella was conceived from frozen semen

Bella has grown into one of the most beautiful and sweetest Collies we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and loving at Rainshade Collies. She is exceptionally bright, very playful, and always a best friend. She will remain at Rainshade forever!

Bella recently had puppies, so we will wait to photograph her when she has a new coat. Bella is gorgeous in her full coat, so please check back to see the photos! In the meantime, here is a fun photo of Bella and her brother, Rainshade Moonlit Sky, taken when they were three weeks old!


WM_Bella and Sky best


Certified normal eyed CO-361166
Non-carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly Optigen 10-9320
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod-cone dysplasia type 2
Non-carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia verified by parental DNA testing

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Night Sky
Rainshade Blue Regalia
Rainshade Blizzard of Awes
Rainshade Fait Accompli

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