Rainshade Kingsmark High Integrity

Rainshade Kingsmark High Integrity



Champion Kingsmark El Capitan


Champion Kingsmark Silver Lining

Teddy was one of our most lovable Collies. No one could resist his charm and endearing appearance. He was a dear friend and protector, a hard worker eager to please, and a great babysitter!

We thank our late friend, John Kavanagh, for allowing us all to have and love Teddy.

WM_JMV and Teddy standing

At six months of age, Teddy traveled to Switzerland with his sister, Rainshade Kingsmark High Society (“Gracie”). Dr. Vanderlip was key speaker at the World Collie Congress in Zofingen. Teddy and Gracie competed in the large international Collie Specialty held during the congress. He won 3rd place and Gracie won 2nd place in the large puppy classes, judged by Audrey Chatfield of the UK. This was a remarkable accomplishment for 100 percent American-bred Collies competing against UK bred Collies on foreign soil.

Teddy (and Gracie!) returned to the United States. Teddy started his show career in Arizon and immediately won three Reserve Winners Dogs awards among tough competition. Sadly, he also contracted a serious respiratory infection while at the shows so we had him returned to us immediately. With tender loving care, Teddy recovered, and we decided he was too precious to take any more chances traveling the show circuit. We kept him at home, safe and sound, for the rest of his long, happy life.





Teddy in Switzerland

Teddy figures prominently in today’s Rainshade Collie’s pedigrees, primarily through his daughter, Rainshade Renaissance, one of the foundation Collies of our lines. Teddy’s wonderful personality, outstanding qualities, and beautiful coat are reflected in his descendants.

Certified normal-eyed CO505/8017
Non-carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy
Non-carrier of cyclic neutropenia
Free of hip dysplasia Orthopedic Foundation for Animals CO779G26M-T

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Renaissance
Rainshade Blue Rebellion
Rainshade Razzmatazz
Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade


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