Rainshade Rhapsody In Blue

Rainshade Rhapsody In Blue



Champion Kingsmark Mountain Man


Rainshade Alice Blue Gown

Exported to France


Rhapsody was an adventurer and a great traveler. She was confident and affectionate and everyone loved her! When Dr. Vanderlip was invited to lecture at the World Collie Congress in Zofingen, Switzerland, she brought six Collies with her and Rhapsody was among them. Although Rhapsody was too young at the time to compete in the show ring, she still won everyone’s heart. Rhapsody lived her life in France and brought joy to everyone she met!

Certified normal-eyed

Notable Relatives

International Champion Ringleader Blue of Rainshade (exported to Switzerland)
Rainshade Everlovin’ Emily
Rainshade Sans Souci (exported to Australia)
Rainshade Soul On Ice

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