Rainshade Renaissance

Rainshade Renaissance



Rainshade Kingsmark Hi Integrity


Rainshade Alice Blue Gown

Renny is one of the foundation pillars of Rainshade Collies. She was stunning and brilliant and although she won some awards as a youngster, she made it clear to us that she disliked the conformation ring even more than her mother did! And so, we didn’t force Renny to participate in the show ring and allowed her to simply enjoy life working at the ranch as a wonderful companion, gentle babysitter, guardian, and overall hard worker. Renny produced some beautiful puppies for us, including Rainshade Blue Rebellion.


Certified normal-eyed Canine Eye Registration Foundation CO-540/92-54
Certified free of hip dysplasia, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals D-709043 hip rating: Excellent
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod cone dysplasia type 2

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Kingsmark High Society
Rainshade Sans Souci (exported to Australia)
Rainshade Soul On Ice
Rainshade Blue Magic, CD, HT, JHD, TT, CGC, VC

Rainshade Renaissance pedigree


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