Rainshade Blue Rebellion

Rainshade Blue Rebellion



Rainshade Kingsmark High Integrity


Rainshade Renaissance

Rebel was never a rebel. He was always a calm, quiet, gentle, and obedient companion and guardian. Rebel was a noble combination of beauty, elegance, grace, and sensitivity. He was always perfectly well-behaved. He was an expert at radiating charm and melting hearts.

Rebel joins the long list of Rainshade Collies that have sired a litter by frozen semen. We continue to look hopefully for more little blue “Rebels” in every Rainshade litter.

Certified normal-eyed
Non-carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod-cone dysplasia type-2
Non-carrier of canine cyclic netropenia

Notable Relatives

International Champion Ringleader Blue of Rainshade
Rainshade Soul on Ice
Rainshade Blue in Down Under: exported to Australia
Rainshade Noblesse Oblige: exported to Australia

For Rebel’s pedigree, see the pedigrees of his parents:


Rainshade Renaissance pedigree

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