Rainshade Bien Fait

Rainshade Bien Fait



Rainshade Blizzard of Awes


Rainshade Fait Accompli

*Munchkin was conceived from frozen semen

Munchkin was small, but she grew up into a beautiful Collie, big on fun and games! Munchkin’s owner, veterinarian Dr. Chris Camann, in New York, shares a story:

“Munchkin has one wonderful trick that she basically taught herself to do (ok, admittedly, I encouraged her with some food rewards, but she started it…).  She brings the empty dog food bowls back to me after the Collies have finished eating and I am waiting at the kitchen sink to do the dishes.  The bowls are stainless steel and can’t be very comfortable to hold, but she carries them back to me one at a time and holds them up enough for me to take them from her. “

Munchkin is also great with little kids and very patient with them.  There used to be two boys living across the road from us who liked to fish in our pond.  They would come and knock on the door to ask if Munchkin could go fishing with them! She was only too happy to do so, and not only enjoyed the boys’ attention, but also found the fish fascinating.

Munchkin has been trained in basic obedience and agility.  I have taken her to trials twice and she has earned two qualifying scores in novice agility classes.”

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Sweet Audrey
Rainshade Summer Time Blue
Rainshade Razzmatazz
Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade

Certified through DNA testing as non-carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly, non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy, non-carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia, and non-carrier of MDR-1 gene.

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