Rainshade Allure

Rainshade Allure



Rainshade Tobias Lambano Scott


Rainshade Sophisticated Sophie

If Lacey turns out to be as pretty an adult as we think she will, we will be including her in our breeding program! Very exciting!

WM_New female puppy2

WM_New female puppy3

WM_New female puppy4

Certified normal-eyed Optigen 15-3228
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod cone dysplasia 2 Optigen 15-3228
Heterozygous MDR1 gene Washington State University MDR1-46512
Non-carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Gamut Warning
Rainshade Sweet Audrey
Rainshade Noble Blue Navigator
Rainshade Fait Accompli

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