Kingsmark Life Goes On

Kingsmark Life Goes On



Champion Kingsmark Medicine Man


Kingsmark Just Because

Holly has always held a special place in our hearts at Rainshade Collies. A gentle, willing, kind, and very sweet Collie, Holly was also a very good mother to her pups.

Holly is the dam of Champion Kingsmark Zane Grey, Rainshade Fait AccompliRainshade Starlit Night, Rainshade Tri to Remember, Rainshade Comic of the Opera, and Rainshade April Jewel.

Holly joined Hannah in their senior “retirement” to live with some of our very best friends who live nearby and who have owned six Rainshade Collies during the past 30 years.




Certified normal-eyed CERF CO-1608/2002-51
Tested for MDR-1 gene, non-carrier (normal/normal)

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Fait Accompli
Rainshade Starlit Night
Rainshade Ice Angel
Rainshade Shadows and Light


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