Rainshade Kingsmark High Society

Rainshade Kingsmark High Society



Champion Kingsmark El Capitan


Champion Kingsmark Silver Lining

Gracie was a precious gem! She was endearing, enchanting, and one of our very best and most lovable Collies. While visiting our best friend in Collies, John Kavanagh, Gracie and her brother, Teddy (Rainshade Kingsmark Hi Integrity), caught our attention. It was love at first sight and we bought them both! They settled in well together at Rainshade Collies.

We thank our late friend, John Kavanagh, for allowing us all to have and love Gracie.

WM_Gracie pumpkin


Wherever Gracie went, people gathered around her, just to pet and admire her. We felt so fortunate to live with and to love such a wonderful Collie!

At 10 weeks of age, Gracie won Best of Breed at the San Diego Fun Match and went on to win 3rd place in the Herding Group. She loved every minute of the day!

WM_Gracie Fun Match Winner

At six months of age, Gracie traveled to Switzerland with us (and her litter brother, Teddy). Dr. Sharon Vanderlip was invited to be key speaker at the World Collie Congress in Zofingen and Gracie and Teddy competed in the large international Collie Specialty held during the congress. Gracie won 2nd place and Teddy won 3rd place in the large puppy classes, judged by Audrey Chatfield of the UK. This was a remarkable accomplishment for American-bred Collies competing against European-bred Collies on foreign soil.

WM_Gracie Trophy


While in Switzerland, we sold two beautiful Rainshade Collies, but we were determined that Gracie and Teddy would return with us to the United States, and they did! Except for a brief scare at the airport in NY, when the airlines temporarily “misplaced” both of them, we all had fun and Gracie and Teddy loved the trip!

Certified normal-eyed Canine Eye Registration Foundation CO-504/88-17

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Renaissance
Rainshade Blue Rebellion
Rainshade Razzmatazz
Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade

Gracie's pedigree

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