Rainshade Stafford’s Emma

Rainshade Stafford’s Emma



Rainshade Gamut Warning


Rainshade Comic of the Opera

Emma was one of our very favorite puppies. When Emma had the opportunity to live with a wonderful family in Oregon, help young girls at horse camp, and live on a miniature horse farm, we knew that she would live an exciting life. Also, her new family already owned a Rainshade Collie, so Emma would have a Collie to play with as well!

WM_Emma right side

Certified normal-eyed
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod-cone dysplasia type 2
Non-carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia

Notable Relatives

Rainshade Fait Accompli
Rainshade Summer Time Blue
Rainshade Turn the Tide (exported to Switzerland)
Rainshade Blizzard of Awes (exported to Baffin Islands)

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