Rainshade Comic of the Opera

Rainshade Comic of the Opera



Rainshade Gamut Warning


Kingsmark Life Goes On

Aria has always been a bit of a comic. A beloved pet and companion at Rainshade Collies for all of her very long life, Aria takes her job as guardian of the property very seriously. She is always happy to alert us when something happens or a visitor arrives!



WM_Aria at play2



Certified normal-eyed CO-1643/2004-27, CO-1643/2002-1
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod-cone dysplasia type 2 Optigen 08-10945
Certified free of thyroid disease CO-TH117/61PI
Certified non-carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia Healthgene 31293-3

Notable Relatives are Aria’s sisters

Rainshade Starlit Night, CD, CGC, NAP, NAJ
Rainshade Fait Accompli
Rainshade Tri to Remember

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