Rainshade Tobias Lambano Scott, Service Dog

Rainshade Tobias Lambano Scott, Service Dog



Rainshade Noble Blue Navigator


Rainshade Ice Angel

Sometimes a puppy is so remarkable, that he amazes you and you know right away that this puppy is a rare gift, indeed. Toby is that dog! We knew from the onset that Toby was destined to grow up to do great things–and he did! Toby worked full time as a highly trained and skilled service and therapy dog and adored his owner!

WM_Toby right side2

WM_Toby right side

WM_Toby face forward 2

WM_Toby face forward

WM_Toby left side

WM_Toby with blue ring

When we received a request for a very special kind of Collie, capable of working as a service and therapy dog for a wonderful person who had suffered serious injury, we knew Toby was the one. Toby underwent special training, became a licensed service dog, and became a powerful, positive influence for recovery and happiness is his owner’s life. When he was not working in harness, Toby remained at his owner’s side, eager and happy to help with any challenge or job, whenever he was needed. We thank Toby’s family for having given him such a loving home and excellent care.

Toby’s owner writes:

“Toby is a blessing to me. He is my service dog, my helper, my canine companion, and my friend. I needed a very special dog to take on this role and Toby is a perfect match. He is very calm, gentle, confident, and quiet. He is very intelligent, obedient, and loves to work. He really enjoys going places with me and I’m always getting compliments on his wonderful personality, and good manners, and Toby is very friendly. I am so thankful for Toby!”

Toby in harnass

Toby, Service Dog Extraordinaire, in harness Photo courtesy of Don Haynes




Certified normal-eyed
Non-carrier of progressive retinal atrophy/rod cone dysplasia type 2
Non-carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia

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