Rainshade Razzmatazz

Rainshade Razzmatazz



Rainshade Marjo Great Spirit


Kingsmark Out of the Blue at Rainshade

Rainshade Razzmatazz absolutely tops the list as one of our very best Collies in the history of Rainshade Collies. This white-factored blue-merle’s beauty was surpassed only by her radiant personality. She was among everyone’s favorites.

Razz is 100% American bloodlines and the dam of many of our very best and beloved Collies, including Rainshade Gamut Warning. During her breeding career, Razz also produced a beautiful litter from frozen semen sired by Rainshade Blue Rebellion.






Certified normal-eyed Canine Eye Registration Foundation CO-721-92-21
Non-carrier of Collie Eye Anomaly
Non-carrier of canine cyclic neutropenia
Certified free of hip dysplasia Orthopedic Foundation for Animals CO-1078G26F-T

Notable Descendants

Rainshade Gamut Warning
Rainshade Continental Drift (exported to Australia)
Rainshade Much Ado About Blu
Rainshade Starlit Sky (exported to Canada)


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